Achieve Career Growth With These Social Media Tactics

Empowering our Peak Enterprises Corp team members to achieve their career goals is a high priority for our leadership team. We offer numerous opportunities for advancement. Of course, promotions aren’t the only forms of professional growth. Today, more than ever before, it is valuable to craft a personal brand. These social media tactics can help with that goal:

• Get Comfortable Singing Your Praises: A lot of people have a hard time tooting their own horns. However, self-promotion requires at least a little bit of singing your own praises.

• Share a LinkedIn Post: The professional networking tool, LinkedIn, is useful for more than connecting. At Peak Enterprises Corp, blogging is one of our favorite LinkedIn functions. Write a post on a topic you know a lot about and share it with your network. If it is a subject others enjoy, you can quickly gain some traction.

• Tweet Some Influencers: One of the great strengths of Twitter is that it can be used to send interesting info to possible contacts. It is better than other networks in that way. Send an influencer in your space something you think he or she would like. It is a highly effective tool for starting a business relationship.

• Stay Active: The best way to stay ahead with social media is to stay active. Post regularly and stay in touch with the people with whom you connect.

Achieve professional growth using these simple social media strategies. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter