Achieve Maximum Productivity During Daily Travel

On a daily basis, the average professional spends approximately one hour commuting. In the grand scheme of things, that’s quite a bit of time spent on the go. Productivity is a big deal for Peak Enterprises Corp, so we make the most of our travel time. Here are some top activities:

• Telephone Time: Whether we drive ourselves (using hands-free devices) or we use public transit, catching up on our phone calls is an effective way to spend a commute. We check our voicemail and make necessary follow-up calls, and even connect with friends and loved ones. It’s also a great opportunity to check in with our existing network contacts.

• Preparation: Goal setting and planning are critical to Peak Enterprises Corp success, so we also use our travel time to review our schedules and set priorities on our to-do lists. When we get these things organized, we are ready to get right to work when we arrive at our desks.

• Learning: All of us are avid learners. We satisfy our hunger for information by tuning into audiobooks and podcast while we’re commuting. Our favorite topics include industry news, current events, analysis of the latest fiction, and motivational speakers. Once were feeling sufficiently inspired, we take a few moments of quiet meditation to reflect on what we have learned, what we’ve accomplished, and what we would like to achieve.

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