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Innovation is at the root of our work at Peak Enterprises Corp. We specialize in the development of experiential sales promotions that coincide with the latest market trends. These efforts ensure that the brands we represent maintain a competitive edge. To fulfill this vision, we teach our people to leverage the latest outreach techniques and take the world of business by storm.


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Peak Enterprises Corp’s leaders are committed to providing our team members with all the resources and support they need to grow. We are also dedicated to facilitating knowledge transfer and the sharpening of skills needed to surpass professional goals. The benefits of joining our firm also include travel opportunities to national conferences, industry retreats, and charity events. We stay informed of the latest best practices in our industry, and incorporate relevant material into our training program on a regular basis.

At Peak Enterprises Corp, we know a bright future for our company is only possible if we prioritize the advancement of our people now. The growth and opportunity for individuals is limitless when combined with hard work and dedication. We also know that when they grow, it instills in them feelings of confidence, passion, and pride. For these reasons, we invest in the progression of our team members through our organization and the sales and marketing sector as a whole.

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Marketing and Public Relations

Members of the Peak Enterprises Corp team work in conjunction with executive management. They collaborate to design and deploy customized outreach campaigns that push brands into new markets and greater peaks of achievement.

Duties Include:

  • Employ interactive campaigns in targeted consumer markets, generating excitement to spread brand messaging
  • Increase mass awareness and develop long-term relationships with buyers to educate them about service offerings
  • Participate in planning meetings to develop innovative marketing solutions
  • Implement real-time feedback loops into campaigns to maximize effort and impact
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Customer Care

Peak Enterprises Corp’s customer service experts represent brands to their ideal audiences. In essence, our people are extensions of the businesses they serve. This is especially true when it comes to superior customer care.

Primary Duties:

  • Handle all customer needs while demonstrating thorough brand knowledge and referring potential buyers to sales account executives
  • Adhere to standards of excellence, measured through consumer reviews and satisfaction
  • Document consumer interactions and report them on a daily basis
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Junior Account Management

Team members in junior account management focus on business development. They are forward-focused, effectively anticipating future trends to position brands for sustained growth and success.

Core Duties:

  • Work with managers on the creation of experiential campaigns, through which marketing efforts integrate with pre-determined goals and sales strategies
  • Act as liaison between business and buyers, personalizing service and building lasting connections throughout the sales cycle
  • Collaborate with colleagues to ensure seamless service provision, and provide leadership as needed
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Manager Training and Development

Peak Enterprises Corp’s manager training and development program is well known for its effectiveness. Those who complete it acquire full understanding of the sales and marketing field, as well as our firm and its operations. They learn a variety of communication techniques, engage in cross-training, and master the key aspects of our business model. As their expertise grows, they receive greater responsibilities. The primary objective of this program is to prepare them to fill leadership roles within a 12-month period. Upon its completion, they are trainers, leaders, and service experts who value their people and oversee exciting brand events.

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Interns at Peak Enterprises Corp enjoy a range of benefits, which include hands-on learning in every phase of the marketing process and a vibrant work culture. They are welcome to strategic-planning meetings with brand leaders, and are present throughout the durations of our exciting initiatives. This approach leads to mastery of essential public relations and marketing techniques. Interns who demonstrate commitment and drive have the opportunity to fill full-time roles.

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