Effective Alternatives to Networking Events

We recognize the value of networking events and attend many throughout the year, but we certainly don’t limit ourselves to formal meet-and-greets when it comes to expanding our contact lists. Here are some Peak Enterprises Corp alternatives to crowded hotel ballrooms:

  • Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?: We all have opportunities to meet people during our normal acts of grabbing coffee, buying groceries, going to the gym, and commuting (just to name a few). We set a goal to say, “Hi,” to at least one different individual every day, if for no other reason than just to become comfortable striking up conversations with our neighbors.
  • Look for Common Interests: One of the most fun ways to network is to meet people who share the same passions. If one of us has always wanted to take a painting class, for example, or has a talent for playing the guitar, we take these interests public. We enjoy ourselves, which is relaxing, and we have something to talk about with everyone there.
  • Find New Hobbies: If we want to open our Peak Enterprises Corp networks to different types of professionals, we take up hobbies that appeal to the people we want to know. For example, if we wanted to meet some writers, it would make sense to join a book club.

Networking events might be the most efficient platforms for meeting people, but they aren’t the only ones. Try any or all of these Peak Enterprises Corp strategies for creating connections, and like us on Facebook for even more practical networking advice.