Get Credit for Volunteering – The Right Way to Do It

Our Peak Enterprises Corp philanthropic philosophy is simple. We believe in giving back to our community because it feels good to help those in need. When we volunteer as a company, it also establishes our presence as leaders in our area. Therefore, it’s important that we let others know what we are doing. Here are some savvy ways to get credit for helping with causes and remaining grounded at the same time.

The key thing to remember about promoting volunteer efforts is we give back to be selfless. This does not preclude us from publicizing our efforts.

As we’ve discussed in Peak Enterprises Corp meetings, one of the best ways to showcase our philanthropic activities is not to simply post pictures of ourselves helping out, but to focus on the causes we support. We can share details about these organizations, why they are important to the community, and the impact we created by serving them as a company. This approach provides both our firm and the charity with positive visibility.

Another option we’ve discussed in our Peak Enterprises Corp office is to allow our people to select and volunteer as individuals for causes that are important to them. By setting up a program that encourages team members to give back, companies can help even more causes and inspire other firms to do the same.

We support many good causes through our firm. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter

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