Getting to the Heart of Networking for Better Results

What is the definition of successful networking? Within our Peak Enterprises Corp offices, we’ve shared stories of people who relate productive contacts to the number of business cards they’ve amassed or the total sum of their LinkedIn connections. Certainly, contact information is helpful. However, the more important key is whether the person whose name is listed on that card is a strong connection. Let us explain.

When it comes to building a professional network, one of the first lessons we impart during Peak Enterprises Corp training is quality over quantity. Let’s say we meet someone at an event. In our minds, we see a potential connection. Now let’s confirm how viable this contact is to our vision. Is this someone with whom we share common interests or goals? Is this a person that we can provide service to with our skills, knowledge, or even other connections? Will this be a person with whom we can build a lasting professional relationship built on mutual help?

Business cards generally do not give us this level of detail. As we’ve noted from our Peak Enterprises Corp experiences, we should engage in conversations with others. Not simple greetings, but more in-depth dialogues that elicit the type of insights that will help us delineate verifiable connections from softer contacts. To achieve this result, we need to focus on meeting a few key people vs. working the room.

Networking is not a numbers game but a qualitative strategy.