The Type of Networking That Yields Lasting Value

Who says networking must be rigid and awkward? As far as we are concerned, there’s no need for relationship building to be about the stiff exchange of business cards. The Peak Enterprises Corp networking strategy allows for the development of genuine friendship. Here are some details from our framework.

Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of our networking approach requires the use of insightful questions. We make open-ended inquiries of the people we meet, and they are a lot more creative than just asking how someone is doing. For example, we might ask about the types of projects they’re handling. This usually gets people excited, and we make ourselves much more memorable as we express our interest in their work.

Assuming the role of connector is also an impactful approach to relationship building. Whenever possible, we make introductions when one of our contacts may be able to assist another – and vice versa. It’s an easy and efficient way to make a positive impression on behalf of Peak Enterprises Corp.

We don’t waste any time when it comes to follow-up. Immediately following networking events, we are new contacts on social media. We also extend our phone calls or emails within 24 hours of our initial meetings. This way, we are still fresh in the minds of others and we can set the stage for future interactions.

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