Michael Wins March Madness Competition

Our Peak Enterprises Corp team events bring out the best in our associates. This is especially true when there’s friendly competition involved, which was certainly the case during our March Madness contest. Michael won this year’s event, claiming a giant TV and bragging rights within our office.

“The March Madness contest was completely performance based,” stated our firm’s President. “Michael has truly been the best of the best for the past several months, because only the top performers participated in the competition. Coming out on top shows just how dedicated Michael is to getting the most value from his unique talents.”

We enjoy a range of team activities that help us build stronger bonds. When it comes to contests, we also get to challenge each other to perform at our best. This combination of motivation and team building helps us keep our winning edge in a competitive industry.

Along with in-office and industry-wide contests, we also have travel incentives to bring us closer as teammates. When we represent Peak Enterprises Corp at conferences and on other trips, we expand our personal and professional horizons. We return to the office newly inspired to collaborate toward bigtime wins for the products we promote.

We congratulate Michael for his outstanding performance and March Madness title. Like Peak Enterprises Corp on Facebook to learn more about our many team events.