Peak Enterprises Corp’s MVP of the Month: Adam

Peak Enterprises Corp is proud to announce our MVP for the month of July, Adam!

Learn more about Adam and what makes him stand out!

My name is Adam and I’m 24 years old.

I graduated from UGA with a degree in Marketing and Psychology. During my time at UGA I was also involved in Rugby.

What success have you achieved within the company?
I was promoted into leadership within 2 weeks of joining Peak Enterprises Corp, I also fixed cancellation from the highest in the nation to being the lowest. I have also grown my team from two to 11!

What are your goals?
My short-term goal includes being promoted to Field Management before the next conference.

My long-term goal includes hitting Assistant Management by January 2018.

Tell us about your hobbies! 
I like working out, hanging out on the weekend with my friends, video games and attempt to cook delicious food. A fun fact about myself is that I am the new 13th zodiac sign; Opheueius.