Tips for Being an Excellent Public Speaker

We know how frightening speaking in public can be for some professionals, which is what makes it so satisfying when we knock a Peak Enterprises Corp presentation out of the park! These are some of the public speaking suggestions we share with our associates so they feel confident in front of an audience:

• Focus on Stories: Even when our Peak Enterprises Corp talks are data-driven, we find ways to tell stories that relate to the subject matter. This makes the speeches – and us – much more interesting to our listeners. We weave all the information in, but we use it to support our narratives and personal perspectives.

• Practice: Before getting on stage, we record ourselves giving our talks. This works even better if we can get a few friends, family members, or colleagues to act as surrogate audiences. It helps us see how our delivery or body language could be improved from onlookers’ perspectives.

• Announce a Q&A Session at the Beginning: Questions from the audience are great ways for a speaker to see their topic from a different perspective. Also, if one person is brave enough to ask for clarification, many others likely need it as well. However, not everyone is great at coming up with insightful remarks on a moment’s notice. When we announce the question and answer sessions at the beginning of our presentations, we get thoughtful questions at the end.

There is no better way to establish credibility with a group of people than with polished public speaking skills. For more helpful tips on giving a speech, follow Peak Enterprises Corp on Twitter.