Want to Get Someone Talking? Try These Surefire Tips

It often goes like this: two people are standing next to each other at a business function, and neither is sure how to spark a conversation. In our Peak Enterprises Corp training, this is a situation we prepare our people to address. Each of our associates has mastered the techniques for effective ice breakers. Let’s explore what types of dialogue starters work well and why.

The surefire way to get someone else to talk to us is to make it about them. Our Peak Enterprises Corp presentations are designed to engage others by uncovering personal details that can equate with signals. While people are often hesitant to share too many personal details off the bat, some benign questions can get their attention. For example, one trick is to pull a penny or coin out of our pockets, read the date, and ask them to share a memory from that year. Another question might center on what they did the night before. This practice could lead to discovering shared experiences or interests.

Another topic that can result in engrossing conversations centers on entertainment. Popular movies, books, and television programs are consistently positive opportunities to solicit more information from others. Be mindful of the audience and what they might enjoy.

At Peak Enterprises Corp, we strive to master the art of conversation.