Build the Best Team by Attracting Quality Candidates

Our team is the driving force behind every successful Peak Enterprises Corp initiative. We created a hiring process that allows us to attract the best and the brightest to come work for our firm.

Here are a few practices that can draw out top quality candidates:

” Make Job Description About More Than Tasks: To garner the best applicants, we need a job description that goes beyond expected tasks and corresponding skill sets. In our Peak Enterprises Corp recruitment process, we seek people who can grow their careers with us. Therefore, a solid job description might describe a typical day, a career path one might follow, or programs we offer to help people grow.

” Schedule Interviews as Soon as Applications Arrive: When candidates submit résumés, smart companies will set up interviews as soon as possible for people they think might be a good fit. Consider that high-quality candidates tend to have many opportunities and the longer a firm waits, the likelier it is that this candidate will find employment elsewhere.

” Listen as Much as You Talk: Interviewers who tend to focus on a scripted list of questions from which they look for specific responses often miss out on key cues. Instead, the best practice is to keep the structure looser, and let the candidate ask more questions. In doing so, we can learn more about what they are looking for in an employer as well, which allows us to highlight opportunities that might fit their needs.

At Peak Enterprises Corp, we understand that building a powerful team starts with strong recruitment practices. Like us on Facebook for more interview tips.

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