The Contest to Reach Cancun, Mexico Has Begun

Friendly competition has its place in the Peak Enterprises Corp tool chest. We have organizational and group goals, of course, but we’ve also found that allowing our team members to compete with one another for an exciting prize raises the performance bar for everyone, and it makes what we do more fun as well.

Our latest initiative is a championship event for all the telecommunications industry leaders in the nation. We’re putting the best Peak Enterprises Corp has to offer against top performers from across the country for an all-expenses-paid trip to Cancun, Mexico!

There are many benefits that competing against other offices (or even each other) brings to our firm. For one thing, it gets us all on the same page. There’s nothing like a big goal to create camaraderie.

Also, competitions create a greater emphasis on accountability. We all want one of us to go to Cancun, so we’re helping each other stick to our goals and work habits to make sure we have a shot. This has the added benefit of being very motivating as well, because none of us wants to let our colleagues down.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, contests are fun. We strive to create a positive atmosphere around the Peak Enterprises Corp office, and working toward a Cancun trip certainly adds some spice to our normal routine.

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