Dallas Conference Brings Great Rewards

We recently kicked off what’s sure to be a busy year for Team Peak Enterprises Corp with a national conference in Dallas. This meeting brought top leaders from around the country together to provide insights and hands-on training in hard-hitting topics. Enrique G., our firm’s President, explained that these kinds of gatherings offer the best quality training team members can receive.

Some of the topics covered during the Dallas conference were marketing, sales, general success tips, business finance, and management basics. We even had the pleasure of watching our firm’s CEO as the lead speaker in the AT&T training program. This was the ideal way to bolster Peak Enterprises Corp’s reputation as a leading light in the customer acquisition industry.

The conference offered amazing networking potential, which we strived to maximize. We did our homework on attendees before the event got underway, which allowed us to craft elevator pitches that suited our potential contacts’ career interests. As we interacted with new connections, we made sure to ask plenty of open-ended questions and listen carefully to their answers. Doing so shows that we’re interested in learning about the other person, which ensures that we make a positive impression.

We’re happy to have such a productive outing lead off our 2019 team travel plans. Check out the Peak Enterprises Corp Newswire for updates on all our excursions.

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