Hand-Picked Group to Attend All-Inclusive Retreat

We are excited for an upcoming industry retreat to which Peak Enterprises Corp is invited. A hand-picked group of our top performers will represent the company at this gathering of customer acquisition leaders. This travel opportunity is one of several trips we organize each year to reward our people and offer them chances for professional growth.

The group will be heading to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to relax in the tropical weather with other top leaders from our industry. The weekend will include an awards ceremony recognizing the best and brightest from our field. During the rest of the trip, our team members will be socializing with their peers from around the country and enjoying the beautiful beaches.

Beyond rest and relaxation, one of the key benefits of the retreat is the networking. Our executives will share Peak Enterprises Corp success stories from 2017. They will also learn about the best practices that have been effective in other markets. This retreat and other industry gatherings like it are the best opportunities for staying up to date with the latest in our field.

Getting out of the office is so important for professionals. It is a chance to break the routine and mentally recharge. Also, for people working in creative spaces like ours, travel can be a great source of new ideas.

We look forward to seeing what our associates will get out of this exciting trip. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter

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