Highlights From Our Atlanta Conference

Team Peak Enterprises Corp enjoys plenty of travel opportunities that take us to places far and wide to learn from our industry’s top leaders. This time, it was our company’s turn to play host as experts from the telecom customer acquisition field descended on Atlanta, Georgia for a jam-packed day of training and networking.

“We gathered at the gorgeous Omni Hotel at the CNN Center, which is adjacent to the brand-new Mercedes-Benz football stadium,” Peak Enterprises Corp’s President said. “This was the perfect venue for everyone to stay and learn more about our industry.”

The conference featured top-level managers as keynote speakers. “These individuals are leaders in their respective areas, which gave us all an in-depth look at different facets of the business,” our President shared. “They each spoke on different topics and what they have done that has made them successful in their careers. Each one provided insights into how anyone can put their ambition to work to achieve professional growth.”

Participants enjoyed the chance to network with people from other offices, some from as far away as California. We took part in many breakout sessions in which we could share ideas on how we do things at our office and how to overcome challenges we might face. Everyone left with a wealth of knowledge, a better glimpse at the industry overall, and a clear vision for the future.

Ongoing learning is what keeps our team’s ideas fresh and energies high. Follow Peak Enterprises Corp on Twitter for more updates.

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