We’re Inspired by Atlanta United FC’s First Season

Team Peak Enterprises Corp is focusing on bringing more of a sports mentality into the office in honor of the Atlanta United FC’s first season. Though they are new to Major League Soccer, Atlanta United FC made great progress toward winning this year’s USSDA national title. Their entry into the world of soccer has been inspiring to us, and we want to emulate some of the traits we see in these rising stars.

For example, their teamwork is exceptional. When we watch Atlanta United FC play, we’re watching a group of talented individuals who know how to function as a single unit. This level of unity is important to us as well, because our Peak Enterprises Corp customer acquisition campaigns call for us to work as a group to hit our goals.

In becoming such a cohesive unit, the soccer players have had to overcome many differences. The team members hail from at least 10 different countries, having navigated whatever obstacles their diverse backgrounds presented and learned to have faith in one another. We may not be quite as varied in our histories, but trust is the foundation we have built our organization on as well.

These are just two of the ways in which we plan to incorporate a more sports-minded attitude in our business. To find out more about our strategies, follow Peak Enterprises Corp on Twitter.

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