Internship Highlight: Meet Courtney

Name: Courtney 

College/University Attending: Georgia Southern University

Major: Human Resource Management and a minor in Marketing

1.  What drew you to Peak Enterprises Corp?

Throughout high school and college I always revolved myself around positive, exciting groups of people. I cheered in high school and then joined a sorority in college, but always held a part time job to keep myself disciplined. The moment I walked into Peak I knew they were the group of business men and women that I would want to work with. They were very inviting and helpful with anything I needed. I knew I would strive there and learn from the best!

  2.  What have you learned while working with Peak Enterprises Corp?

The number one thing I learned from my boss Enrique was discipline. The key to a successful life is training yourself to keep pushing through the hard times to get to the better times. Peak not only taught me lessons in a professional setting, but also life lessons. If you want a certain thing in life then work hard for it and get it, that simple. The only thing stopping you is you.

  3.  What makes working at Peak Enterprises Corp fun/what do you like about working at Peak?

Peak has a very enthusiastic work environment. Work hard play hard, I say. Completing your daily goals is important, but Peak makes sure it’s fun getting there. Everyone that works there are very down to earth and are the best teachers and trainers around. They want you to succeed at your job not fail.

  4.   What are your plans after leaving Peak Enterprises Corp?

I’m attending my last semester at college and I’m open to move anywhere after graduation. I want to see and experience as much as I can while I’m young and before I get a dog lol. It will be my last semester in Phi Mu so I’m going to make the most out of my final college years and become an adult baby.

  5.    What was your favorite highlight while working at Peak Enterprises Corp?

My favorite highlight has got to be Princess Day where I was dressed as Tinkerbell. It was an amazing opportunity to bond more with my coworkers and stay motivated at the same time. The whole day I was in character and won the most creative costume. I will forever keep those memories with me.

6.  What advice would you recommend to other people looking to find an internship at Peak Enterprises Corp?

My number one thing was to keep an open mind into adjusting to the daily routine. It’s a company with a lot of things are structured and as an intern you should want to better the company in any way you can. They set you up with the best training program and you are taught by the managers that were in your position at one point so they can relate tremendously.

7.   What was the biggest thing you took away from our company?

It takes a lot of hard work to maintain and to build a respectable reputation for a company. I am very glad I got to see first hand the operations needed to run successful business. Most importantly I learned that you can’t let the little negatives overpower the positives.

  8.  What are your hobbies?

I love to be involved in everything. I’m that person that likes going to every event! Braves games, trivia, nights in Buckhead, being outdoors, window-shopping, etc. The more I’m involved in, the more focused I am, the more I can achieve.

  9.   What’s a fun fact about you?

I can tell you the entire family history about the Kardashians but I promise you I’m not addicted.

  10.  What was your nickname at the office?

Most of our reps called me Tink Tink because of Princess Day.

  12.  Special Shoutouts: Shoutout to my panda squad at THE firm! Keep keeping it real with the countless Snapchat filters and obsessive coffees! HOOP DADDY lives on forever!

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