Introductory Decisiveness Training

Business moves at the speed of thought, and professionals are often required to make quick decisions to keep up. To make sure that we feel comfortable with this necessity of modern life, Peak Enterprises Corp coaches have identified a strategy in which we can train ourselves to feel more confident when making split-second choices.

First, Team Peak Enterprises Corp looks for ways to practice being resolute when the stakes are low. Rather than vacillate over which sandwich to get at lunch, for example, we give ourselves just three seconds to pick one and go with it.

The second step is to congratulate ourselves on being strong-willed, even if the decision didn’t turn out well. Let’s say the sandwich is terrible, and we must spend another $10 on a new one. We still feel good about the fact that we acted with certainty.

Of course, it makes sense to avoid spending money on sandwiches we won’t enjoy (and poor decisions in general). So the third step in our strategy is personal feedback, and it sounds something like, “I was right to make the choice quickly, but why did I pick a sandwich containing a main ingredient of tuna? I hate tuna!” With a little reflection, we identify inferior decision-making processes and abandon them for more effective ones.

Time is always a factor in our global economy, and the ability to make good decisions fast will help your career. For more Peak Enterprises Corp success tips, follow us on Twitter.

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