Knowing How We Learn Helps Us Be Efficient Learners

We value education as a developmental tool, and we do our best to understand the process of learning so that we can do it more effectively. These are three of the main Peak Enterprises Corp approaches to gaining knowledge.

One of the most important ways to learn for us is in a hands-on manner, or education through construction. Whenever we try to build something – be it in the real world, a digital representation, or a mental construct – we are given the chance to re-examine assumptions and develop new ways of seeing the world. As soon as a person joins our team, we immediately get them involved in the process of building outreach campaigns as part of our Peak Enterprises Corp training program.

The process of thinking is also a valuable learning tool. It’s a bit trickier to measure progress in this area than it is when building things, but there are ways to assess advances in thought. For instance, a short conversation with someone about a book they just read will reveal any ways in which a worldview has changed. Not coincidentally, this is also a good reason to promote open communication in an organization.

We make it a collective goal to become proficient learners, and are always on the lookout for new information on this topic. To keep up with the ways in which we approach lifelong learning, follow Peak Enterprises Corp on Facebook.

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