Learning and Relaxing in Key West

We go on all kinds of team excursions, building stronger bonds throughout the Peak Enterprises Corp office in the process. Recently, we attended a week-long event in Key West that broadened our horizons and gave us the opportunity for some fun in the sun.

Our firm’s President stated, “This getaway was the ideal chance to train in a very different market and enjoy spending time with teammates. We got to explore Key West and learn from people who have achieved great success there. It’s certainly different from our region in Georgia, so I’m excited to watch our people apply what they learned around Peak Enterprises Corp HQ.”

Those who ventured out to Key West were the team members who have maintained excellent performance and showed leadership potential. It was the first trip to the area for many of those who attended, so it was a memorable occasion in many ways.

Our President added, “Getting away from the demands of work is a great way to gain fresh perspectives on what we do. When we share our unique insights with other high-achieving pros, we gain confidence in our innovative approach. We come back home with greater respect for each other’s talents and fresh motivation to excel.”

We’re excited for our next big team excursion. Like Peak Enterprises Corp on Facebook for regular updates on our trips.

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