Maximize Your Impact by Selecting the Right Cause

Charitable giving is an integral part of the Peak Enterprises Corp culture. We take on philanthropic projects on a regular basis, and we do so with purpose and intention. The causes we support have values and missions that align with ours, and we extend services in ways that maximize impact.

These expert insights help us connect Peak Enterprises Corp with worthy nonprofits:

  • Think Experience: Rosemarie Truman, from The Center for Advancing Innovation, says, “The first step is self-reflection. What skill set do you
    want to build? What cause do you care about? How much time can you commit? For example, during my life, what drove me to change trajectories
    every time was: 1) a need to fill a gap in my experience set and/or knowledge, and 2) a need to expand my network. Answer these questions,
    narrow down the possibilities and go after the opportunity.”
  • Review Social Media: Open to Hope’s Gloria Horsley indicates, “I find that social media pages for nonprofits share a lot of information about
    what it’s like to work with them, including videos and other content that provides a better picture of what is involved. They can then visit
    the websites of these organizations to get more specifics on volunteer requirements.”

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