Mistakes, the Most Effective Ways to Learn From Others

Leaning is central to the Peak Enterprises Corp success strategy. We are always on the lookout for experts and other leaders from whom we can learn. One of the keys to growing as a professional is observing the examples of highly accomplished people. However, sometimes the best way to learn by example is to study mistakes.

This strategy is particularly effective for examining the careers of highly successful CEOs. One of the difficulties of learning from top performers is that they do so many things well, and it isn’t always clear what to imitate. Mistakes, however, are fewer and further between, making them easier to isolate. Looking at the errors can illuminate what the right decisions preceding and following them were.

Observing a CEO can be likened to watching an experienced captain. Setting the direction is only part of the equation; the skill truly comes in when avoiding obstacles and keeping everyone on course. This is where the Peak Enterprises Corp strategy of studying the errors comes into play. Knowing how someone ran into trouble is easier than trying to find the numerous ways someone else avoided it.

Luckily, there are many examples of going awry. One need only look to the most recent story of a CEO being ousted. So, open the news and start reading to begin your journey of learning.

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