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Our 4th Annual holiday Party!

Peak MVPs01.21.2020

Peak Enterprises Corp MVP of the Month: Karl

Name: My name is Karl W. & I am 23 years old. Education: I graduated from Atlanta Tech College with a degree in Construction & Carpentry. What success have you ...
Rising Star01.09.2020
Peak Enterprises Corp Rising Star: Karl
Name: Karl. What are your goals? My short-term goal is to maintain a better room presence & create an unstoppable team! My long-term goal is that I want to be ...
Peak MVPs12.19.2019
Peak Enterprises Corp MVP of the Month: Joel
Name: My name is Joel and I'm 25 years old. Education: I graduated from the Western Sydney University with a degree in Nursing. What success have you achieved within the ...
We’re Confidently Looking Ahead to 2020
Around the Peak Enterprises Corp office, we’re feeling optimistic about the promise 2020 holds for us. We’re grateful for all the success we had in 2019, but we’re especially happy ...
Cancun Trip Serves as Gratitude Reminder
We recently had the privilege of traveling to Cancun for an amazing R&R trip. It was a great chance to recharge, hang out with our Peak Enterprises Corp colleagues, and ...
Being Goal Oriented Fuels Our Success
The word “goal” is used so frequently that it can be easy to forget how vital having goals is to success. Of all the executive skills we teach as part ...
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