Peak Enterprises Corp on Asking for a Raise

At Peak Enterprises Corp, we understand that requesting a raise is never straightforward. In an ideal situation, your manager would observe what a marvelous job you are doing and hand you a promotion. Unfortunately, that infrequently happens. Instead, you have to prepare and then ask for a raise yourself.

Begin by having an honest conversation with your manager. Inform them your goal is to get a promotion or raise and ask for feedback to outline what you need to do to make that goal a reality. You want to make sure you indicate a willingness to continue to shine in your current role, but it is acceptable to mention you have long-term plans to grow and want guidance on the best ways to make that happen. Then implement the suggestions you receive.

In many situations, you will need to assume more responsibility to demonstrate you are ready for a promotion. Often, managers want to see if people have effective leadership skills or can take on challenging projects. Once you have completed a project or helped solve a major problem, be sure to mention it. Managers at Peak Enterprises Corp not only want to be informed when team members do something great, they also want to celebrate the success.

Part of your (well-rehearsed) pitch when finally requesting your promotion should be to illustrate where you have added significant value in your current role and what you have done to deserve a raise. Associates know exactly how they help Peak Enterprises Corp reach its goals and can quantify the value they add. Know your value and be confident in requesting your promotion.

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