Peak Enterprises Corp Busts Common Networking Myths

We at Peak Enterprises Corp are very experienced networkers. Our associates have to meet new people every day and establish relationships that will last. Thanks to this, we have learned a great deal about the realities and intricacies of networking.

We have noted quite a few common myths that are actually not true:

  • It’s About Getting Things: Many people view networking as a channel for getting what they need. They meet people in order to find new
    business, learn new things, and otherwise benefit themselves. The best networkers, however, know that they should build relationships that
    help everyone.
  • Extroverts Are Better at It: At Peak Enterprises Corp, we have found that introverts can often become superior networkers. Although many
    extroverts tend to feel more comfortable naturally, they are by no means inherently better at networking.
  • The Bigger, the Better: Having a large network is beneficial but not if the relationships are of low quality. It is better to meet a few
    people and establish meaningful connections than to have shallow interactions with many people.
  • Always Start With Small Talk: While it can be nice to build a personal bond before moving on to business, it is by no means required. In
    fact, many professionals today prefer to get straight to the meat of conversations at networking events.

These myths about networking have held many people back. At Peak Enterprises Corp, we have found that each of them is simply untrue.

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