Why and How Peak Enterprises Corp Encourages Travel

Travel is good for you, whether it comes from vacations or your work. Peak Enterprises Corp leaders observe higher morale, less stress, and increased levels of engagement after associates spend time away from the office.

To reap the many benefits of travel at your workplace, Peak Enterprises Corp’s managers suggest implementing these policies:

  • Make Travel a Part of the Position: Many roles will easily lend themselves to occasional trips, while others might require some creative
    thinking. Everyone will benefit from the occasional industry conference or trade show though.
  • Paid Vacations as Rewards: Not all companies will have a budget for a week in Atlantis, but four tickets to a water park won’t break the bank.
    Another inexpensive idea is one free night at a bed and breakfast.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Getting away for the weekend is difficult when you work a traditional nine-to-five. Allowing some flex time in your work
    week will encourage hardworking associates to travel by getting them out of the office earlier on Friday or letting them come in a little
    later (if at all) on Monday.
  • Recommendations and Support: Your people will be more likely to take advantage of accrued vacation time when they know you support their
    desire to travel. Share stories about great trips you’ve taken, and recommend exciting destinations.

Travel is one of the most exciting reasons to join Peak Enterprises Corp’s team. For more tips, visit our website at peakenterprisescorp.com.

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