Peak Enterprises Corp Explores Interview Questions

Interview questions run the gamut from the boring and predictable to the odd and outlandish. The Peak Enterprises Corp interview process contains a wide range of them, each with its own purpose.

Every business leader has his or her own preference when it comes to interview questions, however. We’d like to share some of them here:

  • Gerald Hassell, BNY Mellon: Hassell likes to ask candidates how they approach change. He says, “We’re in an era where adaptability is one of
    the most important qualities in employees at every level. The answer to this question, and the interviewee’s body language and demeanor, will
    tell me a lot about their readiness for change and aptitude for rolling with the punches and inspiring their teams.”
  • Stephen Baker, Attivio: Baker asks job applicants how they learn, which we ask our own prospective hires at Peak Enterprises Corp. According
    to Baker, “Every employee is constantly faced with new tasks and new challenges. The best employees always want to be pushed out of their
    comfort zone. Having a candidate articulate how they would learn a new topic or skill is a great sign…This one question provides critical
    insight into how you can expect them to perform given the particular demands of the role you are potentially hiring them for.”

We at Peak Enterprises Corp hope you ask these questions during your next hiring push.

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