Peak Enterprises Corp: Interviewee Attributes to Master

Getting ready for an interview? Whether it’s here at Peak Enterprises Corp or somewhere else, there are two basic elements we believe you should focus on. The first is how you present yourself, or what we refer to as form, and the other is your core values, principles, and interests, or substance.

Of these two features, form is by far the easiest to control. For example, it’s a basic requirement (or at least it should be) to be respectful and friendly to the people you meet. This includes everyone from the door person to the interviewing manager and back again. Also, having a conversational knowledge of the company, its recent history, and maybe even a pain point or two will help you demonstrate you are the right person for the role.

Substance can be a bit trickier, because it requires both reflection and the ability to be objective. Peak Enterprises Corp hiring managers recommend you start by looking at your résumé as though you’re the interviewer, and ask yourself questions based on what you think they’ll want to know. What you’ll want to end up with is a coherent narrative that describes your professional journey until now, and how this trajectory makes you a good fit for the company.

To finish on a strong note, have one or two interesting questions prepared for the end of the interview. Peak Enterprises Corp associates assure you that this will tie form and substance together and make it clear that you’re the total package.

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