Peak Enterprises Corp Shares Lessons From Washington

For those of us who live in the United States, there is no greater leadership position one can aspire to than President. At their best, these politicians are the standard by which all other leaders are measured. One example of this that Peak Enterprises Corp often looks to for inspiration is George Washington.

If he hadn’t been in command of the Continental Army, there’s an excellent chance we’d have lost the Revolutionary War. Though he lost more battles than he won, and retreated from a majority of skirmishes, his brilliant tactics and counterattacks eventually wore the British down until they surrendered in 1781.

How did he manage to turn what seemed like an inevitable defeat into victory? There are two lessons Peak Enterprises Corp associates take from Washington’s example. First, it’s important to surround yourself with the right people, and second, you need to lead from within.

Washington’s war advisors were not yes-men. These were brave soldiers and great leaders in their own right, and they were not afraid to speak their minds. Rather than discourage him, he used their candor and creativity to win a war against a larger, more disciplined force with greater resources.

Also, when it came to battle, Washington led the charge. He fought from the front, taking the same risks he asked of his soldiers. This encouraged them to fight with more enthusiasm than their British counterparts, whose generals were often nowhere near the front lines.

Peak Enterprises Corp managers honor George Washington’s leadership example, knowing that the principles he lived by are as relevant today as they were almost 300 years ago.

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