Peak Enterprises Corp on the Stand Against Bullying

If you’re lucky, you’re not familiar with bullying and its awful effects. Sadly, it’s an issue for huge numbers of people, and at least 20 percent of U.S. children say they feel bullied at some point in time. The Peak Enterprises Corp team can’t help but wonder if more kids are simply afraid to admit what’s going on in their lives.

Peak Enterprises Corp is proud to notice that a global dialogue is taking place that faces this issue, and a well-known company is at the front of the movement. Planet Fitness, whose brand is based on the idea that anyone should be able to exercise without fear of being the butt of a joke, has teamed up with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the nonprofit organization STOMP Out Bullying to create “The Judgement Free Generation.”

Per the Planet Fitness website that outlines this program, “‘The Judgement Free Generation’ aims to empower a generation of teens to grow up contributing to a more judgement-free planet – a place where everyone feels accepted and like they belong.” Chris Rondeau, Planet Fitness’ CEO, points out that this is a natural outgrowth of the company’s values and their insistence on being kind.

Compassion is a core Peak Enterprises Corp value, and we admire seeing other companies live out their ideals as well. Will you support Planet Fitness as they commit to creating a judgement-free world?

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