Peak Enterprises Corp Suggests Pre-Hire Questions

If you’re in charge of a growing business, you know how difficult it can be to identify the right candidates to join your team. We at Peak Enterprises Corp understand how challenging the hiring process is, so we would like to suggest a few strategic questions you can ask to make sure you narrow down your hiring decision to the right person.

Begin with the question of why the job with your company stands out from other opportunities the person is considering. This is a great way to find out whether the candidate has done his or her homework about your organization. The answer you receive will go a long way toward determining who is serious and who isn’t.

We at Peak Enterprises Corp also think you should ask candidates about the last things they taught themselves to do. This is an ideal question to help you figure out how much a given person enjoys learning, which is an essential quality for an innovative professional to possess. If you really want to challenge a potential hire, ask him or her to teach you something new in 10 minutes.

If you ask a candidate how he or she defines success, you can get a sense of where that person sees himself or herself in the future and how that vision squares with your company’s mission. This question also tells you a lot about what motivates an individual and what he or she truly values.
Our team at Peak Enterprises Corp encourages you to pose these questions to your next batch of potential hires.

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