Peak Enterprises Corp Uses Stand-Up Tips to Impress

The idea of public speaking is terrifying to many people. We at Peak Enterprises Corp think this is partly due to the fact that the umbrella term “public speaking” can be used to describe so many different situations.

Instead, we find it helpful to think of how we might approach addressing the public in more specific terms. For example, stand-up comedy is a way of performing for an audience with a certain purpose in mind, and also an approach that comes with a pretty well-defined set of rules, such as:

  • Know Your Audience: PTA jokes would probably fall flat on college kids, just as soccer moms might not laugh at your all-night partying stories. To get your point across, Peak Enterprises Corp suggests thinking about who you want to reach, and how best to reach them.
  • Appeal to Their Humanity: What makes many comedians funny, no matter their style, is that they give their observations a universal appeal. Jerry Seinfeld’s show about nothing was actually a show about what it means to be human: love, laughter, friendships, enemies, and, of course, soup. Consider how what you have to say would appeal to people, not just colleagues or peers.
  • Never Be Anyone but You: Every famous comedian is known for their individuality. Copycats might enjoy a moment of fame, but they are quickly forgotten. Fortunately, there is only one you, and if you’re true to yourself when speaking you’ll never sound like anyone else.

Stand-up comedians have taught the Peak Enterprises Corp team a lot about speaking well in public, and we hope you’ll follow their examples too.

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