Peak Enterprises Corps MVP of the Month: Alex

Peak Enterprises Corp is proud to announce our MVP for the month of April… Alex!!!!

Alex was selected as he was nominated most improved and has shown tremendous growth in last 2 months. He has proven to be very consistent with his performance.

He was also recently selected for Peak’s Top Gun Conference in Texas. Alex is a great team player and is the all-star new-start trainer. He is consistently named the most likable in the office.

Peak Enterprises Corp has created a plaque in honor of Alex and his MVP status which will be hung in the office to celebrate him.


Learn more about Alex and what makes him stand out!

My name is Alex and I am 29 years old.

I graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Psychology. I didn’t do anything extra while in college; however, I wrestled throughout my high school years.

What success have you achieved within the company?

Ever since I became a part of Peak Enterprises Corp, I have consistently grown into a better person overall. I have developed numerous leadership qualities, as well as matured in many different ways.

What are your goals?

For one, I plan on taking full advantage of this upcoming recruiting wave, so that I can find strong candidates for my team. I then plan on developing each of those team members into strong leaders who can help me reach one of my long-term goals, which is to eventually become a manager and open up a location in either Athens, GA or Austin, TX.

My long-term personal goal is to live a life where I am financially stable. I won’t have to worry about bills or any unexpected events. As for my long-term professional goal, I plan on continuing to grow into a stronger leader of people. I want to become someone who people respect and look up to and are willing to follow me wherever I go.

Tell us about your hobbies!

Although I don’t really get around to doing this much anymore, I have always had a passion for drawing. Whenever I drew abstract sketches my thoughts would become clear and any stress that I had would just vanish.

I love to joke around and just have a good time. Even in the most stressful situations, I’ll always find something to joke about. Many of my friends have actually told me that my face looks somewhat intimidating and unapproachable, but once they got to know me I was surprisingly a real jokester.

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