Peak Enterprises Corp’s MVP of the Month: Dylan

Peak Enterprises Corp is proud to announce our MVP for the month of January, Dylan!

We are proud to announce Dylan as our MVP for this month, he is a very hard worker here at Peak. Dylan has graduated from the University of South Florida and was in the Army for 6 years. While being at his University, he graduated in psychology and was a very involved student. He was part of the research labs for different industrial and organizational psychology.

A few things that Dylan feels that he has gained copious amounts of success while being with us. Some things that he has achieved are being part of several road trips to other offices, developing great personal habits and gaining better communication skills. The two most important things that Dylan has gained are eliminating self-doubt and learning how to smile more.

A few goals that Dylan has for himself are to develop another leader within the next month. He would also like to have the opportunity to take his team to Texas to another office, also to go to Texas for our largest networking event. A more long-term goal is to be very close to hitting qualifications or to become an assistant manager within the next three months. With Dylan’s hard work and dedication to his team and to the office, I do not think he will have a problem hitting this at all.

In Dylan’s free time, he likes to play different games, sightseeing and taking occasional night time drives. A couple fun facts about Dylan is that he flew on almost every plane while being in the Army and being a DJ while attending school.

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