Peak Enterprises Corp’s MVP of the Month: Michael

Peak Enterprises Corp is proud to announce our MVP for the month of August, Michael!

Learn more about Michael and what makes him stand out!

My name is Michael and I’m 26 years old.

I graduated from UNC Charlotte (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During my time in school, I was involved in soccer and racing cars.

What success have you achieved within the company?
I have learned a lot about mentorship and leadership increasing my skills in both of those areas. I have also become more goal oriented.

What are your goals?
I eventually want to race cars leisurely and own a race team. I would also like to have a family and be able to provide for them by running a successful business.

Tell us about your hobbies! 
I love to race and workout and my dog is my WORLD!

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