Reflecting on an Incredible Year, and Looking Ahead

Team Peak Enterprises Corp is coming off a banner year, with many highlight moments to look back on. By reflecting on all that happened, team members have a chance to put their lessons to good use in creating an even more inspiring 2019.

One area that deserves notice is our travel program. Peak Enterprises Corp sent team members to Hawaii, Key West, Dallas, and Punta Cana in 2018, along with several other day trips. This was impressive by any standard, but we know we can do better. This year, we have plans in place that will ensure we have even more people qualify to attend each of these events, and we’re looking into other exciting travel opps as well.

Also, we earned some awards this year, including Atlanta’s Best and Brightest Places to Work Award. This is only given to companies that meet exacting standards when it comes to training, advancement, and commitment to development. Winning this award in 2018 doesn’t help us win in 2019 though, so we’ve established metrics that will ensure we remain one of the most desirable career destinations in the city.

Of course, growth is the ultimate measurement of success in the business world, and we achieved some impressive numbers this year. By looking at what we did right in such areas as sales, revenue, profit and loss, and retention, we’ve established ambitious yet very realistic goals for the new year.

We’re proud of our achievements, but we’re even more excited about what’s to come. Watch us exceed last year’s accomplishments by liking Peak Enterprises Corp on Facebook.

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