Revolutionize Your Team Meetings to Be Truly Creative

For a long time, we at Peak Enterprises Corp. were no strangers to team meetings being wastes of time. That was the case until we discovered several strategies for making our team time more creative. Groups can either be excellent sources of or terrible inhibitors to creativity.

Here is how you can ensure your team is the former:

  • Keep Ideas on the Table: Never treat an idea like it is pointless. You may be surprised by how useful even the most
    seemingly unfeasible ideas can be in the right circumstances. Additionally, even bad ideas can inspire great ones. Always leave the door open
    to revisit any idea your team puts out there.
  • Believe in the Democracy of Ideas: We realized that ideas coming from our leaders at Peak Enterprises Corp. were
    unintentionally being given greater weight than those from new associates. Be mindful of this fallacy and treat all ideas equally.
  • It’s Just Business: Sometimes people will get emotionally invested in their ideas. Try to foster an environment in which
    everyone works together to find the best concepts. This can keep personal feelings from getting mixed up in discussions.
  • Make a Decision: Perhaps the greatest obstacle to team success is the tendency to defer decisions for later. Whenever you
    meet with your team, end the sessions with concrete decisions about next steps.

These tips helped us at Peak Enterprises Corp. to turn our team meetings into highly creative exercises. You can find more ideas like this at

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