Top Team Members Give Keynote Speeches at Conference

Several Peak Enterprises Corp team members recently attended an administrative conference that took place in Newport. Among the group were Mallory and Jessica, who both gave keynote speeches during the event. The conference was a major success for our team and we are excited to see the opportunities it will bring in the future.

Mallory was chosen to give a talk on the importance of community outreach, branding, and social media. She focused the session on how much local communities support businesses. Adding to this, she stated that getting involved and building strong connections are vital for business leaders. She also noted the benefits highlighting all-stars on social media.

Jessica, another member of our Peak Enterprises Corp team, was invited to speak as well. She talked about the importance of effective talent scouting and discussed strategies for finding top candidates. Having two of our people talk at this major industry event was a huge honor for our whole team.

Beyond these speeches, the conference was a great way for our associates to network with their peers around the country. It was the perfect place to learn about the best ideas and strategies that have worked in other markets. We are excited to have the chance to try out some of these strategies.
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