Try These Questions to WOW an Interviewer

One of the effective practices we try with our Peak Enterprises Corp model is to ask questions of those to whom we’re presenting. We want to elicit their participation in the experience. By making it more personal to them, we see greater response. This trick holds true in an interview setting as well. Candidates who inquire about certain topics can set themselves apart from the rest. Here are some reasons why this works and what to ask.

In our Peak Enterprises Corp coaching program, we encourage new team members to ask as many questions as possible as they learn our model. In many regards, it shows they are genuinely paying attention and engaged in their training. The same holds true during interviews. When candidates inquire about the company, it shows they’re interested in more than just landing a job.

During Peak Enterprises Corp interviews, our managers have noted that savvy candidates are inclined to ask questions about our company that probe to understand how they can add value. For instance, they might ask about what challenges we’re facing or what areas would benefit from someone with their skill sets. They might seek to learn more about our culture by inquiring about our measurements for success.

Since questions can leave a great impression, it’s good to have a few ready in advance.

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