Using the Concept of Active Recovery in Business

We don’t believe in being status quo at Peak Enterprises Corp HQ; we push for continual and consistent growth in every area. Obviously, this requires us to work at peak efficiency for extended periods of time, which can take a toll – if we don’t practice active recovery.

If you’ve ever watched (or run) something like a marathon or Tough Mudder, you know that successful participants aren’t giving 100 percent effort 100 percent of the time. There are points in the race where they slow down a bit to catch their breath, or let gravity do some of the work for them.

Practiced racers look for these chances to conserve and recover energy so that they have what it takes to finish strong. Also, knowing when to hold back a bit during the race makes passive recovery (the downtime after a race is finished) work that much faster, getting the athletes back on their feet and training hard for their next events.

At a recent Peak Enterprises Corp meeting, we discussed this phenomenon of active recovery and brainstormed ways to use it in the business world.

For example, one idea involved building practice time into training programs. Learning is very much an endurance sport, and breaking up info sessions with chances to apply knowledge would provide much-needed breathers from the difficult task of absorbing knowledge.

This idea of active recovery has really captured our imaginations, and we have several plans to put it into practice. If you can think of a way to build active recovery into business operations, we’d like to hear about it on our Peak Enterprises Corp Facebook page.

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