Why We Love Conferences (and You Should, Too!)

When people first join Peak Enterprises Corp, they’re generally surprised at how much emphasis we place on professional development. Unlike other places they might have worked, in which training was just for onboarding, we make learning an ongoing process. Conferences are among the education opportunities we offer our people to build their confidence as they progress in their careers with us. Recently, hand-selected members of our team attended the national quarterly conference.

“We don’t just hire people to do a job here,” said our Peak Enterprises Corp Director of Operations. “We give them the resources to advance their careers. Conferences are rewards for our team members who show they have the desire to go further. These are people who reach their goals and are enthusiastic about what we do.”

There are several benefits to attending these conferences for both our Peak Enterprises Corp people and our team as a whole. Those who attended spent a full weekend immersed in workshops and keynote speeches that provided them with insights into customer acquisitions and how to better serve our national partners. They also learned some new business techniques such as how to recruit talented people, how to build better relationships with partners and their customers, and how to manage a business overall.

Professional development matters in our firm. Check out our Newswire to learn how we set our people up to prosper in their careers.

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