Winning the Top Places to Work Award Never Gets Old

Achievement is a Peak Enterprises Corp value. Some of the best ways to see achievement in action are through our culture and our dedication to building a team of people who feel encouraged and inspired to fulfill their personal and career potential.

There are many ways we measure success in this area – promotions come to mind, for example – but awards are one of the best. This is why we’re so excited about winning the Fair Business Report’s Top Places to Work Award – for the second year in a row!

The FBR gives their Top Places to Work award based on leadership’s efforts to create a workplace that is empowering and supportive. Their data comes from team members, with winning firms getting at least 10 positive peer reviews within one calendar year on the Fair Business Report’s website.

In winning The Top Places to Work Award for 2017, Peak Enterprises Corp is being recognized for displaying the following traits (according to the FBR website): we provide unique growth options for our crew, the chance to advance based on merit, positive feedback to our team members, and we recognize accomplishments on a regular basis. Also, we have great coaching and mentorship, we give back to our community, and we provide an excellent corporate milieu.

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